Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio
Business & Design Mentoring with Tobey Renee - TheFauxPro Studio

Decorative Painting Academy - Make 6 Figures as a Decorative Painter

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What is the Decorative Painting Academy?

The Decorative Painting Academy is a certified training program for people like you who want to learn a new skillset, start a business, and increase their income 3k - 5k per month.

Part 1 of the DPA

Is a 3 day hands on training called the Paint & Brush Bootcamp, where I train creative people how to create a beautiful faux finish design portfolio. That's right!! 3 days of 1 on 1 training with me!!! You'll learn how to create stunning faux finishes for your clients commercial and residential spaces . You will master how to apply Venetian plaster, LusterStone, Lime Plasters, Sapphire Metallic paints, Distressed Crackle, Metal Patina effects, Glazing, Mica, and Glass Beads just to name a few. These techniques can transform any surface into a work of art.

Part 2 of DPA

The Academy also includes 24/7 access to my Online Training Portal, that teaches you how to market yourself, price your services, manage your out of town projects and deal with high end designers and clients. The online portal includes 40+ courses and videos. You will have 24/7 access to business courses, online workshops and detailed training videos as a member of the academy. You’ll have access to a wealth of information that can help you grow your design business and take it to the next level.

Part 3 of DPA

I also offer continuing weekly support thru Business Coaching Calls and my Mentorship Program designed to help you grow as an artist and increase your income. Our experienced coaches will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. You'll receive a access to my DPA community app, where you can reach me with questions and ask for advice.

     Paint & Brush Bootcamp - 3 Day Training for Decorative Training with TobeyRenee  

***Payment Plan Available***


For The First Time Ever, In Just 3 Days, I Am Going To Show You Everything You Need To Know To Start & Grow Your Decorative Painting Business. 
What Took Me Over 20+ Years, And 10's if Not 100's Of Thousands Of Dollars To Learn, I'm Going To Show You In Just 3 Days. 
You Will Not Only Learn All Of My Most Popular Techniques That Have Been Used In All Of My Celebrity Clients Homes, I Am Going To Show You Everything You Need To Do To Make Sure Your New Business Is Thriving From Day 1. 


With The Housing Market At An All Time High, And The Housing Supply At An All Time Low, Most People Are Opting To Make The Most Of Their Existing Spaces So There Is Crazy Demand For Good Decorative Painters. This Is Why I Created The Paint & Brush Bootcamp


Here's What You'll Learn After 3 Days

Celebrity Clientele

Discover My Secret Technique On How To Get Celebrity Client's And Get Them To Refer You To Their Celebrity Friends

Make Money Without Physically Doing Any Work

Wouldn't It Be Great To Be Able To Make Money Without Having To Work? I'm Going To Show You How To Make Money Without Even Having To Paint A Wall

Custom Designed Sample Portfolio

All You Need To Start Getting Customers Is A Sample Portfolio With The Designs That People Want. You Will Leave With A Complete Sample Portfolio Which Will Have 10 Techniques That Will Showcase Your Work


5 Step Art of Business Framework

Even If You Have No Business Experience, No Problem. You Will Get My 5 Step Art Of Business Framework For Running A 6 Figure Business 
As A Decorative Artist.

Marketing Essential for Decorative Artist 

Getting New Customers Is Easy Once You Know Where To Find Them. This Training Will Show You How To Put Your Work In Front Of The Best Buyers On Social Media.

Secret Sauce Source Vendors List 

Not Sure Where To Get The Correct Supplies From? I Am Going To Give You My Preferred Vendor List To Get The Best Quality Supplies & The Best Prices.  

The Ultimate Business Kit

Do You Want To Make Sure You Have Everything To Run Your Business The Right Way? All Attendees Will Receive All My  Business Templates Such As Contracts, Estimates And A Project Checklist

Art Goodies Bag

It's Kind Of Like Christmas In July. I'm Going To Give You A Swag Bag Full Of Goodies. You’ll Receive A Tote Bag Full Of Decorative Artist Swag To Get You Started!!

Creators Clique - Access to My Network of Decorative Artist:

I'm Going To Share My Private Network of Decorative Artist That Took Me Over 20 Years To Build. 

These Are My Top 10 Requested Techniques That Allow Me To Make 100's Of Thousands Every Year

And I'm Going To Show You How To Create All Of These Just Like A Pro

Design Portfolio

Black Diamond Glass

The Diamond Glass finish is a top selling technique in my portfolio!!! Diamond Glass is a high-end technique made of tiny clear crushed glass pieces, mixed with shining crystals, that is applied to a surface with a heavy bodied adhesive. Over the past several years, I have worked diligently with this product and created a step-by-step process, which has allowed me to successfully increase my bottom line and grow my customer base. The addition of Diamond Glass to your list of services, will upgrade your portfolio and increase revenue.

Brushed Metal

My Brushed Metal Wall technique is another fabulous addition in my "Flawless Metallic Walls" series. I developed this technique to compliment the modern look and feel of contemporary furniture and design. This clean modern look goes perfectly in loft spaces or music studios. 

Champagne Croc

Imagine the authentic texture of Crocodile skin, with its rough beauty on the fronts of your cabinets, furniture, art, or covering the walls in your home. I have even installed my Metallic Croc technique, organically to ceilings. This beautiful texture will always be a show stopper in your portfolio.

Champagne Luster Stone

LusterStone is a low luster plaster. It’s a staple in my design portfolio. Easily applied by trowel, and is unsurpassed in its dimensional, beautiful decorative results. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns. This plaster creates a high end look and feel in any room. 

Champagne Glam Rock

GlamRock is a beautiful technique that can be installed almost everywhere. "GlamRock isn't paint or plaster, its actual thinly shaved pieces of rock." GlamRock is so stunning, your designers will be sure to select it for their projects, and your clients will be sure to love it in their homes. It's the perfect touch of opulence in any space!!

Crystal Glass Bead

Glass Bead is a decorative, water based, acrylic gel medium that dries clear and contains a high concentration of small, clear glass beads. The clarity allows any color underneath to show through, while the glass beads reflect light in a sparkling cascade. This technique is beautiful in almost any area. 


Crackle is the perfect technique for furniture and kitchen cabinets. This clear, water base medium offers a consistent crack that works every time. Crackle reveals glimpses of the base color, creating an antique look. Perfect for enhancing furniture, woodwork, trim, lamps and decorative accessories.

Elephant Hyde

Elephant Hyde is a beautiful technique full of texture and detail. It’s one of my original portfolio favorites, that has stood the test of time.

Metallic Woolie

I will show you all my favorite products and tools that I use to create the perfect solid Metallic Wall. Solid Metallic walls are the perfect compliment to Diamond Glass walls and GlamRock walls. It’s also a great way to upsell your client!! 

Silver Glitter Gloss

Create the perfect Glitter Wall!! Glitter Gloss is a trowelable product that can be used to create any color Glitter Wall. It’s very durable, shed resistant, and will not leave tons of glitter on the floor during Installation.  Perfect for furniture and accessories.  Glitter Gloss will also give your canvas art the perfect touch of bling.
If you have questions about joining the Decorative Painting Academy book a call today: