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TITLE: “My King”

Medium: Fusion of black mica, bronze mica and silver mica on canvas

Description: “My King” emerges from the cosmic interplay of black mica, bronze mica and silver mica—a celestial dance frozen in time. The canvas itself seems to breathe, its surface a tapestry of midnight and stardust.  The piece stands as a testament to the sovereignty and wisdom of African kings—their lineage woven into the very fabric of these shimmering artworks. Here’s a glimpse into the healing properties of this captivating piece:

  1. Black Mica: Strength and Resilience

    • Veins of Authority: The black mica panel exudes an aura of authority. Its veins, reminiscent of ancient tribal markings, symbolize the strength and resilience of African rulers. These veins run deep, echoing the ancestral bloodlines that flowed through generations.
    • Grounding Power: Just as a king’s throne is rooted in the earth, black mica grounds the spirit. It connects the monarch to the land, channeling ancestral wisdom. When gazing upon this panel, one feels the weight of centuries—the trials, victories, and unyielding determination.
  2. Silver Mica: Cosmic Vision and Leadership

    • Stardust and Destiny: Silver mica, like celestial dust, adorns the canvas. Its luminescence mirrors the night sky—the same sky under which kings made decisions that shaped empires. Silver mica amplifies intuition and insight, allowing rulers to navigate both earthly and cosmic realms.
    • Leadership Illumination: As African kings consulted the stars for guidance, so does this panel of clear glass. The nebulous trails evoke celestial pathways—the choices made by monarchs echoing through time. The silver mica whispers, “Lead with vision; your legacy transcends borders.”
  3. Bronze Mica: Ancestral Fire and Legacy

    • Embers of Wisdom: Bronze mica radiates warmth—the hearth of ancestral wisdom. Its fiery veins evoke the forge where kings’ character was tempered. Bronze, the alloy of strength and endurance, reminds us that leadership is not fleeting—it endures like the sun’s eternal journey.
    • Legacy Alchemy: African kings understood alchemy—the art of transforming base elements into gold. In this panel, bronze mica alchemizes memories into legacy. The veined patterns resemble ancient scripts—the stories etched into collective memory. Kings rise and fall, but their essence remains.

Healing Properties and Royal Connection

  1. Black Mica: Kings wore crowns adorned with black stones—symbols of authority. Black mica, with its grounding energy, aligns rulers with their ancestral lineage. It shields against negativity, ensuring clarity in decision-making.
  2. Silver Mica: Like moonlight on regal robes, silver mica enhances intuition. It whispers forgotten truths to kings, guiding their rule. Displaying this triptych in a throne room invokes cosmic counsel.
  3. Bronze Mica: The warmth of bronze mica heals ancestral wounds. It reminds kings that their reigns are part of a larger tapestry—a legacy woven by countless hands.

As you stand before “My King,” feel the weight of the crown, the echo of ancestral voices. May its healing energies empower leaders, past and present, to honor their sacred duty .



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