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Medium: White mica, Pearl mica, and Gold leaf on a grand canvas

Let us embark on a poetic journey through the celestial canvas of “Totality,” where white mica, pearl mica, and gilded gold weave a tapestry of healing and wonder.  In the hallowed atelier, where stardust mingles with earthly hues, “Totality” emerges—a masterpiece that transcends mere aesthetics. Let us unveil its secrets:

  1. White Mica Veils:

    • Luminous Whispers: White mica, like moonlight on snow-kissed peaks, graces the canvas. Its delicate veils shimmer—a celestial chorus. These veils symbolize purity, clarity, and the whispers of cosmic wisdom. As you gaze, imagine starlight filtering through ancient forests.
    • Healing Alabaster: White mica soothes frayed nerves, a balm for restless souls. It cradles you in lunar embrace, inviting introspection. “Totality” becomes a sanctuary—a place to release burdens, to heal.
  2. Pearl Mica Crescents:

    • Eclipsed Radiance: Pearl mica, born from ocean depths, dances as crescent moons. Their iridescence mirrors the recent solar eclipse—the cosmic kiss of sun and moon. These crescents hold secrets—the ebb and flow of existence.
    • Embracing Duality: Just as the eclipse unites opposites, pearl mica balances yin and yang. It whispers of hidden tides—the dance of light and shadow. When you stand before “Totality,” feel the cosmic equilibrium within.
  3. Golden Halo:

    • Sunfire Gilding: Gold leaf crowns the artwork—an homage to the sun’s fiery corona during totality. Its luminosity beckons kings and seekers alike. Gold, the alchemist’s dream, transforms base into brilliance.
    • Regal Vitality: Gold resonates with solar energy—the life force that pulses through veins. As you bask in “Totality’s” glow, imagine ancient monarchs donning golden crowns, their rule eternal.

Healing Properties:

  1. White Mica:

    • Clarity and Insight: White mica clears mental fog, revealing hidden truths. It invites lucid dreams and intuitive whispers.
    • Emotional Balance: Like moon phases, white mica harmonizes emotions. It cradles grief, illuminates hope.
    • Aura Cleansing: Imagine “Totality” as an energetic sieve, sifting negativity from your aura.
  2. Pearl Mica:

    • Lunar Connection: Pearl mica aligns with the moon’s cycles. It enhances intuition, creativity, and feminine energy.
    • Embracing Shadows: Just as the eclipse unveils shadows, pearl mica helps you explore your depths. It whispers, “Embrace both light and dark.”
    • Soothing Waters: Pearl mica soothes insomnia, like moonlit ripples on a tranquil lake.
  3. Gold Leaf:

    • Solar Vitality: Gold leaf infuses “Totality” with solar power. It revitalizes, igniting passion and purpose.
    • Abundance and Royalty: Gold resonates with prosperity. Imagine kings gilded in sunbeams, their dominion golden.

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