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Title: “Oynx Love”


“Oynx Love” weaves together the mystical essence of black, champagne and pewter mica.  All while using highlights of gold land silver leaf to explore the enchanting properties and the emotional journey it invites you to take.  This gemstone weaves together strength, protection, and timeless allure. As I explore its facets, this piece also unravels the intriguing connection between love and this enigmatic stone.


Black Mica: Grounding and Protection

  • Grounding: Black mica, anchors you to the Earth. Its rich iron content connects you to stability, like roots digging deep into fertile soil.
  • Protection: As you gaze upon the inky swirls, imagine a cloak of protection enveloping you. Black mica shields against negativity, creating a sanctuary for your spirit.

Champagne Mica: Elegance and Balance

  • Elegance: Champagne mica, with its delicate shimmer, evokes the effervescence of celebration. It whispers of sophistication and refined beauty.
  • Balance: Like a glass of fine champagne, this mica balances your energies. It harmonizes the dance between light and dark within you.

Gold Leaf: Illumination and Abundance

  • Illumination: The luminous gold leaf dances across the canvas, catching every glimmer of light. It symbolizes enlightenment, awakening dormant potentials.
  • Abundance: Gold resonates with prosperity. It invites abundance into your life, not just in material wealth but also in love, creativity, and joy.

Silver Leaf: Lunar Mysteries and Intuition

  • Lunar Connection: Silver leaf mirrors the moon’s glow. It whispers of intuition, dreams, and the mysteries that unfold under moonlit skies.
  • Intuitive Flow: As you stand before “Luminous Alchemy,” allow silver’s energy to flow through you. Trust your inner knowing—it’s a compass guiding you toward truth.

Pewter Mica: Resilience and Adaptability

  • Resilience: Pewter mica, with its muted luster, speaks of quiet strength. It’s the patina of experience—the scars that make you whole.
  • Adaptability: Pewter adapts, just as you do. It reminds you that transformation is not about perfection but about embracing imperfections.

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