Ebony Veil
Ebony Veil
Ebony Veil
Ebony Veil

Ebony Veil

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Bloomingdale’s Collection 

Title: “Ebon Veil”

Medium: Onyx mica-infused acrylic on canvas

“Ebony Veil” is a striking piece that marries the raw elegance of black mica with the fluidity of acrylic paint. The canvas comes alive with layers of shimmering mica, creating an otherworldly texture that beckons viewers to explore its depths. The play of light against the dark surface evokes a sense of mystery—a portal to hidden realms.

The central motif resembles delicate veils, their edges kissed by moonlight. These ethereal layers seem to shift and dance as you move around the artwork, revealing glimpses of the unknown. My brushstrokes mimic the natural fissures found in mica, emphasizing its organic origin.

The color palette is minimalistic yet impactful: midnight black, white, and hints of pearl. The composition draws the eye inward, inviting contemplation. Whether hung in a minimalist loft or a cozy study, “Ebony Veil” exudes sophistication and enigma.


1.   Grounding and Protection: Black mica has a grounding effect on the spirit. It anchors us to the present moment, providing stability during times of change. As you gaze upon “Ebony Veil,” allow its energy to ground you, like roots reaching into the earth.

2.   Amplification of Energy: Just as mica amplifies light, it also enhances our inner energy. Displaying this artwork in your space can infuse it with vitality and positivity. Imagine the mica particles catching sunlight and dispersing it throughout the room, revitalizing your surroundings.

3.   Emotional Balance: “Ebony Veil” whispers serenity. Its dark hues soothe frayed nerves, easing stress and anxiety. The layers symbolize the multifaceted aspects of our emotions—sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed. Let this art serve as a reminder to embrace all facets of your being.

4.   Aura Cleansing: Crystal healers often use mica to cleanse and purify the aura. Imagine the veils in the artwork as energetic filters, sifting out negativity and leaving behind clarity. Stand before it, breathe deeply, and visualize any heaviness dissolving into the ether.

5.   Insight and Intuition: Mica’s reflective quality encourages introspection. As you contemplate “Ebony Veil,” allow your intuition to guide you. What secrets lie beneath the surface? What truths await discovery? Trust the whispers of your inner wisdom.

Remember,  “Ebony Veil” is not merely decorative—it’s a conduit for energy and emotion.

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