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Medium: Black mica, silver glass, and pearl crystals on a canvas of cosmic whispers

This modern piece is my signature art piece for Bloomingdale’s, a harmonious fusion of black mica, silver glass, and pearl crystals.  The inspiration for this piece emerged from the celestial loom, where shadows and light weave their intricate dance. 

  1. Black Mica Veins:

    • Cosmic Tides: Black mica, like the veiled face of an eclipse, cradles ancient secrets. Its veins ripple—a cosmic tide pulling us toward the unknown. These dark rivulets symbolize resilience—the strength of kings who ruled under star-studded nights.
    • Grounding Alchemy: Imagine “Bloomy's Untitled” as a portal—an earthly anchor for wandering souls. Black mica grounds, yet its shimmer hints at celestial realms. 
  2. Silver Glass Crescents:

    • Lunar Whispers: Silver glass, curved like crescent moons, mirrors the night sky. These shards hold lunar memories—the ebb and flow of tides, the dreams of poets. They evoke intuition—the quiet guidance of moonbeams.
    • Balance and Reflection: As the eclipse unites sun and moon, silver glass balances opposites. It reflects our dual nature—the light and shadow within. Stand before it, and perhaps you’ll glimpse your own cosmic alignment.
  3. Pearl Crystals:

    • Oceanic Grace: Pearl crystals, born from ocean depths, shimmer like moon-kissed waves. Their luminescence soothes—a lullaby for weary hearts. 
    • Embrace of Yin and Yang: Pearls, like life’s trials, emerge from grit. They remind us that beauty arises from struggle. This piece cradles both—the darkness and the iridescence.

Healing Properties:

  1. Black Mica:

    • Protection and Resilience: Black mica shields, just as ancient kings wore obsidian amulets. It absorbs negativity, allowing your spirit to rise unscathed.
    • Energy Amplification: Like the eclipse’s crescendo, black mica magnifies intentions. It whispers, “You are a force of cosmic creation.”
  2. Silver Glass:

    • Intuition and Reflection: Silver glass enhances intuition. It invites you to peer into its crescent mirrors—to seek answers in moonlit ripples.
    • Embracing Shadows: Just as the eclipse unveils hidden realms, silver glass helps you explore your depths. It whispers, “Embrace both light and dark.”
  3. Pearl Crystals:

    • Lunar Connection: Pearls resonate with the moon’s cycles. They calm insomnia, like moonlight on restless waters.
    • Inner Beauty: Pearls remind us that imperfections are poetry. “Eclipse Lumina” cradles your vulnerabilities—the pearls of your soul.

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