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Ethereal Energy
Now showing at Bloomingdale's 

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My journey as an artist is akin to a late-blooming flower. Born and raised in Atlanta, I honed my craft over two decades, quietly perfecting my faux finish techniques and creating a stunning line of contemporary art.  My path was not linear; it meandered through interior design, decorative arts, and even television appearances. Yet, beneath the surface, I always harbored an unwavering passion for Mica —a fascination that would soon blossom into my signature style. 

The Exhibit:

In the heart of Bloomingdale’s Atlanta, "Ethereal Energy" is a captivating fusion of art and energy that awaits you.  Immerse yourself in a symphony of rare mica stones and crystals, each piece meticulously hand crafted.  As a skilled artist, I draw inspiration from ancient wisdom, chakra energies, and the cosmic dance of the universe.  Each brush stroke channels the unseen, bridging the gap between the tangible and the mystical.  This collection is more than an exhibit—it’s an invitation to explore your inner landscape.  Let the mica stones and crystals be your companions on this artistic pilgrimage. Join me in celebrating my next steps into introducing myself to the world as a solo artist. May my art ignite your spirit, heal your heart, and elevate your soul. 

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